While my trip in Garut, I visited Cangkuang Temple, located in Kampung Pulo Village, Kecamatan Leles, Garut Regency.
Cangkuang is located in mountainous region of Priangan – West Java, surrounded by four volcanoes : Mount Haruman, Mount Kaledong, Mount Mandalawangi and Mount Guntur.
To reach Cangkuang temple, people must use traditional transportation called bamboo raft, don’t worry it’s safe and comfortable.

Cangkuang Temple

Cangkuang Temple

bamboo raft

bamboo raft

Round trip fare will cost IDR 4,000 per person, and contain 20 persons in one bamboo raft. If the persons less than 20, you will pay more expensive. If you want one bamboo raft for yourself ( for honeymoon, perhaps 😀 ), you have to pay IDR 80,000. It’s quite expensive, please do bargaining !!
When we get to ‘the island’ of the temple, there are some stalls selling souvenirs, I stop for a while and get confused to choose between red or blue hat ?
Guess what …, I bought both, coz they’re look good on me 😀
Cangkuang Temple was built around 8th century, was made of andesite stone plain and it is the only Hindu temple that ever found in West Java. Cangkuang has been built in the period of the first Sundanese Kingdom : Galuh.
path to the forest

path to the forest


It has length of 4.5 m, 4.5 m wide and 8.5 meters high with an entrance into the main chamber on the east side and surrounded by huge trees.
giant trees surrounding the temple

DSC01445 giant trees surrounding the temple

 with localsDSC01409
Not far from the temple, 3 meters to south.., there is a grave of Arif Muhammad, a moslem who was the founder and ancestor of Kampung Pulo Village.
at Kampung Pulo

at Kampung Pulo

gate to the temple

gate to the temple

inside the village

inside the village

In Kampung Pulo, can be found the traditional village, which contains six houses in a row and face-to-face, three on the left and three on the right, plus one mosque, which stays only six families. Very unique.
Not much else to see in there, but the view of the lake with mountains on the background is beautiful and peaceful.
Jakarta, 11 July 2013
15.52 pm

4 thoughts on “CANGKUANG TEMPLE

    • It’s the only Hindu temple in West Java, very different with Prambanan in Central Java. Cangkuang only a small temple, really a tiny one. Not worth it to go there, not much you can see 😦

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